NAHCOAviance invests in handling equipment to boost efficiency

posted on 30th July 2019 by Justin Burns
NAHCOAviance invests in handling equipment to boost efficiency

The Nigeria Aviation Handling Company (NAHCOAviance) has announced the acquisition of various new pieces of equipment as part of the company’s five-year transformational plan.

The company, which achieved ISAGO certification in December last year, has installed the set of equipment, which includes gangways, high loaders, ground power units, pushbacks, air condition units, forklifts and tractors.

“New investments in Ground support equipment (GSEs) will help reduce operations cost, as infrastructure failure at the airport, and aging equipment lead to increased maintenance cost,” said group managing director Olatokunbo Fagbemi.

“With the injection of new ground support equipment and ongoing improvement of airport facilities, will help to manage operating cost down, and increase profitability to the delight of our shareholders.”

Fagbemi added that the company plans to use long-term loans to support its immediate growth, although it is considering the capital market to raise funds for its long-term growth.

Chief operating officer Herbert Odika praised the delivery of the new equipment as an important milestone in positioning the company as one of the leading aviation handling firms in Africa, due to its potential to improve service delivery and aircraft turnaround time.

“Aviation has changed in terms of service delivery as we work with Service Level Agreement, which means NAHCO as a service provider to the airlines would have to meet tight deadlines or be penalised,” said Odika.

“Our target is to be a leader in the continent’s aviation handling business and that is where we belong. We have highly trained maintenance team on ground to ensure the new sets of equipment are adequately maintained.”