NAS Uganda launches eco-friendly vehicles at Entebbe airport

posted on 26th April 2019 by Justin Burns

National Aviation Services (NAS) Uganda – formerly Entebbe Handling Services Limited (ENHAS) – has introduced electric forklifts and tractors into its operations in the country.

The 12 electric vehicles were launched by Ayub SOOMA, director of airports of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Uganda and the move was part of the ground handler joining CAA Uganda’s efforts 
to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by

The new electric vehicles replace traditional diesel-fueled equipment for baggage and cargo handling around the aircraft ensuring a quieter and cleaner working environment in the baggage sorting area.

This is a big step towards the airports goal to reduce carbon emissions during aircraft turnarounds.

NAS Uganda general manager, Philippe Lacroix said: “We are proud to launch our fleet of electric vehicles to help the airport and to help Uganda go green. We intend to invest into other electric and solar powered equipment on the ramp and the baggage sorting area. This is definitely going to make a huge difference to the airports carbon footprint.”

The ground handler said with the growing trend toward electric equipment, the focus is now on transitioning fleets, producing significant operational savings and by switching from fuel to electric-powered equipment there are several environmental benefits that include reduced petroleum and fuel consumption and improved air quality, especially in indoor facilities

The equipment is also smaller in size, occupying lesser space and leaving more room for maneuvering.

Lacroix added “We shall continue to demonstrate how energy efficiency is not only good for the environment but is also a smart financial investment.”

In Uganda NAS manages 25 flights daily, with 1.3 million passengers and 2.6 million bags handled annually. The operations are serviced by 810 employees.

Globally, NAS is present in 17 countries across the Middle East, Asia and Africa; providing ground handling services to seven out of the world’s top 10 airlines and managing more than 35 airport lounges.