New upright seat could enable airlines to add 20% more passengers

posted on 19th April 2018 by Jordan Newton
New upright seat could enable airlines to add 20% more passengers

Italian company Avio Interiors has unveiled its new upright airline seat which it says enables carriers to increase passenger capacity by 20 per cent.

The cabin interior firm said Skyrider 2.0 is an “innovative seat”, as it allows an ultra-high density in the aircraft cabin and it “opens the travelling experience to a wider passenger market”.

And it said it also creates a “useful” space for the introduction of mixed classes boarded on the same aircraft.

Avio Interiors added: “Its main feature is the original bottom that ensures an increased upright passenger position allowing installation of the seat at a reduced pitch, while maintaining an adequate comfort.

“The design of this seat enables to increase the passenger number by 20 per cent allowing increasing profits for airline companies.

“Furthermore, Skyrider 2.0 weighs 50 per cent less than standard economy class seats and the reduced number of components enable minimum maintenance costs.

“In conclusion, Skyrider 2.0 is the new frontier of low cost tickets and offering a possibility to fly to whom today cannot afford it.”

There is no details of whether any airlines are planning on using the new seats or if orders have been placed.