Norwegian Minister Warns Wizz Air about Law Guidances

posted on 27th November 2020 by Parveen Raja
Norwegian Minister Warns Wizz Air about Law Guidances

By Sofia Marrero,

Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications Knut Arild Hareide warned about the challenges that Wizz Air (W6) would face in Norway. He made the declarations at the Norwegian parliament.

Hareide claimed that the airline could face several issues to keep running its business model if it increases its operations. This warning specifically refers to W6 domestic flights. Hareide stated that for these, W6 must follow Norwegian laws and working conditions.

Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv had already revealed that W6 Pilots had to cover their own pensions, insurances, and sickness benefits. This follows the fact that the airline does not have plans to organize its workforce into unions, according to its CEO József Váradi.

Hareide’s response comes after the Hungarian carrier confirmed that it would have a new base at Trondheim Airport (TRD). From TRD, W6 will operate 49 weekly domestic departures in Norway to compete with Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY).

W6’s Future Legal Concerns

When W6 announced its push into the Norwegian market, the Norwegian Pilots Association (NPA) complained. Later, W6 suggested setting airline tickets at a minimum price. This would benefit W6 in comparison as DY’s ticket prices would be more expensive.

However, the story did not end there. A day later, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said she would not fly with an airline that refused its workers to unionize. Before Hareide, Solberg had remarked that W6 needed to follow Norwegian laws regarding union matters.

It seems its is not that easy for W6 to enter a new market by pushing its own busness model without considering local laws.