OmniServ trials innovative mobility aid at London Stansted Airport

posted on 23rd September 2019 by Justin Burns
OmniServ trials innovative mobility aid at London Stansted Airport

Airline and airport assistance service provider OmniServ is partnering with London Stansted airport to trial a new mobility solution, the Wheellator, which combines the benefits of a wheeled walking frame and a light-weight wheelchair.

Passengers with low to medium level mobility issues can use the frames as walkers and regain some independence, as well as get vital exercise. If they get tired, they can turn the frames round and use the Wheellator as a seat for a short rest. Or, if necessary, the Wheellator can be pushed by a relative, friend or assistant as a wheelchair, or can be moved by the user themselves.

Samantha Saunders, head of innovation & regulatory compliance at OmniServ, said: “OmniServ is committed to delivering the best possible experience for all passengers at airports, including people who find it difficult to make their own way through the terminals.

“The great thing about the Wheellator is that it provides passengers with mobility issues the option to define and adapt the support they need, allowing them to maintain their independence.”

On the decision to trial the Wheellator, Lucy Martin, passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) manager at London Stansted Airport said: “It’s important that every passenger, regardless of any disability or assistance requirements, can travel confidently, easily and conveniently through London Stansted and we’re delighted to support OmniServ in offering this innovative new way to move more independently through the airport.

“We are always striving to improve the experience of travelling from London Stansted and this gives passengers another choice of assistance, if they require it, so they can relax and enjoy their time at the airport and the wide range of destinations on offer.”

The Wheellator was originally developed in 2013 by manufacturer Tukimet Oy, a walking aids specialist based in Finland. It has been imported into the UK by mobility aids specialist Polymorit since 2017.