Ontario International Airport and UCR Health to offer modernized nursing stations

posted on 17th February 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Ontario International Airport and UCR Health to offer modernized nursing stations

Ontario International Airport and UCR Health, the clinical arm of the UCR School of Medicine, have teamed up to provide a welcoming and private environment for mothers to nurse their babies when flying through ONT.

Modernized nursing stations have been set up in both airport terminals, along with advertising for UCR Health’s services and medical offices across the Inland Empire.

The unique partnership is part of a new two-year agreement that showcases ONT’s ongoing commitment to the health and safety of the community and travelers it serves, while providing UCR Health the opportunity to highlight its team of physicians, specialists and healthcare professionals dedicated to improving the health of families.

“Throughout our organization, we are intent on creating a safe, healthy and positive customer experience for our travelers and guests,” said Ronald O. Loveridge, Vice President of the Ontario International Airport Authority Board of Commissioners and long-time associate professor of political science at UCR.

“We also recognize the important role ONT plays as a community leader and a community builder and are grateful for the opportunity to partner with great organizations such as UCR Health”.

Dan Cappell, ONT’s Chief Commercial Officer, said the partnership aligns with Ontario International’s in-house advertising strategy run by Fuse Advancement to work with innovative partners looking to brand their organization and services in unique ways.

“We are thrilled to work with UCR Health in creating a platform to raise awareness of the great work they do, and offering nursing mothers a private, secure and comfortable space,” Cappell said.

Dr. Deborah Deas, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences and the Mark and Pam Rubin Dean of the UCR School of Medicine, said she was delighted to see the partnership with Ontario International Airport come to fruition.

“We will be able to support nursing stations for mothers living in or visiting Inland Southern California,” she said.

“These nursing stations represent our commitment to bringing innovative healthcare resources to the region, and our strategic focus to partner with local organizations equally dedicated to serving the medically underserved community”.

UCR Health’s vision is to improve the health of the people of Inland Southern California by developing innovative health care programs that will deliver quality healthcare within the region’s communities.

“We are pleased to partner with Ontario International Airport to further deliver on our promise to serve the community of Inland Southern California so they can easily access innovative, culturally sensitive, and quality healthcare,” said Dr. Donald Larsen, Chief Executive Officer of UCR Health.

“Through this partnership, the airport is helping us activate our vision in a new and evolving post-COVID landscape”.

Stacy Lee, Director of Marketing of UCR Health, confirmed UCR Health will design bi-annual health care activations for ONT travelers around wellness and health.

“At UCR Health, we pride ourselves on a grassroots approach to marketing and partnerships,” she said.

“We were excited to find that ONT and their team were open to crafting an interactive brand partnership that was more than just slapping a logo on the wall; we are here to build relationships and connect on a deeper level with the communities we serve”.