Pangiam starts trial at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Pangiam, a leading security technology and vision AI company, has announced the successful completion of an exploratory assessment of Project DARTMOUTH’s threat detection capability, conducted at the Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in the Netherlands.

This significant milestone gives Schiphol the confidence to commence the next stage trials of Pangiam’s Project DARTMOUTH in collaboration with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Project DARTMOUTH is intended to transform airport security screening using artificial intelligence to enhance inspection of carryon bags.

This phase of trials allows for iterative development and refinement of the system. Successful pilot and EU regulatory compliance is needed to pave the way for full-scale implementation at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

“We are truly excited about the strong results achieved by Pangiam in the exploratory assessment,” said Fred de Winter, Senior Manager Security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

“These results give us great confidence in the collaboration with Pangiam and the positive impact Project DARTMOUTH can have on our security checkpoint operations.

“We look forward to the trials and the potential transformation of our security screening procedures.

“We’re making significant strides as we transition into the next stage trials, thanks to the invaluable support from Schiphol,” said Alexis Long, Head of Project DARTMOUTH at Pangiam.

“This testing phase in the real-world environment is crucial in fine-tuning our technology and ensuring it aligns seamlessly with existing infrastructure.”