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PIF launches “AviLease”, an aircraft leasing company

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) today announced the launch of the Aircraft Leasing Company “AviLease”, which aims to be a leading institution across the aviation leasing value chain, maintaining an optimal portfolio of assets with its core focus on leasing, trading and asset management services.

“AviLease” will initially focus on scaling through purchase-and-lease-back transactions with airlines, portfolio acquisitions and direct orders from aircraft manufacturers.

It will also look into expansions through corporate acquisitions.

The company’s fleet will consist of the new generation of narrow-body and wide-body aircraft from the world’s leading manufacturers.

“AviLease” is managed by a top-tier team that will lead its growth, localize knowledge and expertise, and enable the development of the company’s desired infrastructure, with plans to become a national champion in the aircraft leasing market.

Additionally, the company’s establishment will contribute to the reduction of value leakage for Saudi Arabia, while enhancing integration into the global aircraft financing market.

As a PIF fully owned company, PIF’s ample liquidity and strong balance sheet, combined with its depth of financing and investment-structuring expertise will help the company leverage the opportunity in the aircraft leasing market.