Princess Juliana International Airport to provide common use bag drop system

Materna IPS announces its role in helping to transform Princess Juliana International Airport into a sophisticated, state-of-the-art facility: Materna’s Self-Bag Drop (SBD) systems enable more open space, while reducing queuing and ensuring a safe, secure, and hassle-free journey.

Gary McDonald, President of Materna IPS Americas: “Materna is proud to work in partnership on such a critical operation with PJIAE and its airline partners. It’s been remarkable to witness this transformation making SXM the most innovative airport in the Caribbean.

“We look forward to continued innovation at this crucial tourist hub.”

While SBD is not a new concept in North American airports, implementing them in a shared setting is.

This highly adaptive technology allows multiple airlines to share its use, while still providing opportunities for customized functionality in line with each airline’s unique requirements.

Implementing SBD in a common use environment puts SXM on a very short and elite list of North American Airports.

The time it takes to check a bag is so short passengers have to think about what to do next with their spare time. SBDs have been known not only to enhance the passenger experience, but they have proven to improve the baggage hygiene in the baggage handling system.

Brian Mingo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO): “Any modification that aids in optimizing the transit of passengers and bags is certainly a victory for us.

“Furthermore, we take pride in acknowledging that advancements facilitated by Materna IPS have streamlined passenger experiences henceforth ensuring a seamless journey for our travelers.”

The integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) categorizes distinct pieces of baggage based on previously learned shapes.

This essential information influences the decision-making process regarding the suitability for checking or conveyance of a specific item.

If it is determined that an item cannot be conveyed, passengers are instructed to use a special luggage tub – something that commonly occurs with backpacks characterized by loose straps recognized by Materna’s advanced software.

SBDs is equipped with a security instruction system. If a passenger attempts to bypass our security through the SBD an alarm will sound, and the entire Baggage system will come to a halt.