Record first 11 months for Turin Airport

Post Covid recovery above industry average confirmed in 2023

Growth is driven by incoming passengers from overseas.

  • Over the past 12 months, 1.343 million foreigners arrived at the airport, which is a 72% increase from the same period before Covid.
  • In 2023, October and November were record-setting months.
  • It is expected to beat the annual traffic record within a few days.

Turin Airport has broken new traffic records, with October 2023 being the most successful October ever, carrying 395,240 passengers. This figure was part of a record-setting Summer season, that saw 2.8 million passengers travel through the airport, an increase of +25% compared to the pre-Covid Summer of 2019. Indeed, 2019 is now being used as a benchmark year to measure the post-Covid recovery in the aviation and tourism industry.

In the first nine months of 2023, Turin Airport not only recovered its pre-pandemic traffic but also recorded an increase of 14.7%, contrary to a slight national recovery of 1.6% and a European decline of 3.9%, and a global decline by 2.7%.*

November is almost over and it is set to become the best November yet, helping to exceed the total number of passengers carried in Turin in 2022 by early December. This means that the previous traffic record of 4.2 million passengers will be beaten a month earlier than expected.

In addition to the rise in passenger volumes, the increased number of non-stop routes with different foreign countries (up from 36 to 44, +8 routes compared to winter 18/19, or +22%; and up from 31 to 40, +9 routes compared to summer 2019, or +29%) changed the traffic composition.

Through big data analysis of population presence and flow based on telephone cell location data, we were able to define the passenger profile by analyzing their origin and comparing the pre-Covid period with the last 12 months. Before Covid-19, 58.4% of passengers departing our catchment area were outbound, while 41.6% were inbound from foreign countries and other Italian regions. In the past 12 months, incoming passengers have increased to 50.2%, surpassing outgoing traffic as the majority of our total traffic.

Over the Winter and Summer seasons, the number of foreign arrivals at the airport increased by 72%, totalling to 1,343 thousand foreigners. In the same period, Italian tourism rose by 15%, bringing the total number of Italian tourists to 901 thousand.

Specifically, the number of incoming passengers from abroad increased from 421 thousand in Winter 2018-19 to 625 thousand in Winter 2022-23, a rise of 48.5% or 204 thousand passengers. Although tourist volumes from Italy were relatively unchanged, increasing by only 1.6%.

After successful winter results, the Summer season highlighted the crucial role played by international connections in attracting overseas visitors to our region.

Actually, during the Summer of 2023, Turin Airport welcomed 718 thousand foreign tourists, doubling the number of arrivals recorded in the equivalent period in 2019, which recorded 361 thousand passengers. This remarkable growth represents a positive delta of 357 thousand additional foreign tourists, corresponding to an increase of +99%. Furthermore, the number of domestic tourists also increased significantly (+28%).

The top three foreign markets for incoming tourists are Great Britain, Spain and France, followed by Albania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Romania, and Denmark, ending the top ten. Following them are Poland, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, the Czech Republic, Morocco, Israel, Malta, Portugal and Finland.

Looking at newcomers and the highest percentage growth, we find Lithuania, Czechia, Israel, Ireland, Denmark, and Spain.

It is clear that the airport has played a significant part in attracting new tourists. Specifically, the operations of Turin Airport, including the recent opening of the Ryanair base in November 2021, have been instrumental in driving and maintaining important flows of incoming visitors to Turin and Piedmont.

In addition to its established role as a hub for skiers and business activities, Turin Airport is now playing a new role as a year-round tourist attraction. This increases its strategic importance for the local area, contributing directly and indirectly to the socio-economic growth of the region.

In order to better serve the growing traffic, investments in infrastructure over the last two years have amounted to 15 million euros and have focused both on improving the passenger experience at the airport (such as the installation of the new radiogenic machine that allows liquids and technological devices to be kept out of hand luggage, the renovation of the Piemonte Lounge, the construction of a car park and the installation of new boarding bridges, which is currently underway), and on environmental sustainability, with the construction and inauguration last July of the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic system in an Italian airport and the commissioning of several electric vehicles on the runway and aprons (already well over 40% of the total number of vehicles).

The investments made by Turin airport are part of a larger framework of value creation exceeding 57 billion euros for the entire Italian airport system, with an added value of 22.9 billion euros.**