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Republic Airways LIFT Academy orders FRASCA RTDs

FRASCA, a world leader in design and manufacture of flight training devices, has been selected by Republic Airways Leadership in Flight Training (LIFT) Academy to provide creative solutions to address the airline pilot shortage.

To that purpose, LIFT Academy has placed an initial order of eight FRASCA Reconfigurable Training Devices (RTDs).

The order creates a comprehensive and cohesive training environment for LIFT flight students and aspiring Republic Airways pilots, where they will be able to begin and develop their flight training, using high-quality instructive equipment, better preparing them for airline service.

This agreement marks the greatest quantity of FRASCA RTDs in a single order.

“This order demonstrates FRASCA’s ability to meet airlines’ training needs and the recognition that we offer flexible and reliable solutions at every level of the training journey,” said John Frasca, President.

“It shows the Republic Airways commitment to providing its pilots and aspiring pilots the greatest advantage in training.”

The order is for a newly developed aircraft model for the RTD, the Diamond DA40 NG, which is powered by a jet-fuel diesel engine.

This complements the previously developed model for the RTD, the Diamond DA40 XLT, which is powered by an AVGAS engine.

“It is crucial to have training solutions that meet the rigorous standards for LIFT Academy’s training curriculum, while keeping adaptability and dependability at the forefront,” said Ed Bagden, Director of Operations and Academic Programs at LIFT.

“FRASCA has proven itself as a true training partner, supporting our programs with a level of customer service that is extremely responsive and capable.”

FRASCA joins its parent company, FlightSafety International, in providing multiple training offerings for Republic Airways and LIFT, allowing a seamless experience over aircraft model and training platforms.

“The consistency of training in all lines was a major factor in this decision,” Frasca said.

“Integrating our highly configurable, highly reliable RTD products with other FlightSafety devices provides a great value to the operator, in a way that maximizes the efficiency and proficiency of the training.”

Republic Airways will be able to implement the RTDs at both LIFT Academy locations in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.