Royal Brunei Airlines introduces RB Link Flights in partnership with Malindo Air

posted on 12th July 2019 by Justin Burns
Royal Brunei Airlines introduces RB Link Flights in partnership with Malindo Air

Royal Brunei (RB) Airlines has introduced RB Link flights with services connecting Brunei and new cities in Borneo Island in partnership with Malindo Air of Malaysia.

RB Link flights will be supported with two brand new ATR 72-600 aircraft operated by Malindo Air. The aircraft in white livery is configured in all economy 72 seats layout.

RB’s chief executive officer, Karam Chand said: “We are proud to launch RB Link flights, your gateway to Borneo and beyond. This is our latest innovation in improving the products and services across our network and expanding our “home market” to twenty one million potential customers.

“RB Link flights operated by our Partner – Malindo Air will initially connect five new and two existing cities across Borneo Island and link them to our global network of twenty five international destinations via our hub – Brunei International Airport. The markets in the target cities are currently under-served.

“When planning this game-changing initiative we took on board the needs of our guests for enhanced seamless connectivity and affordable services. By providing RB Link services, we are confident air travel will boom in the region, allowing the various cities and its stakeholders to reap the benefits of enhanced air connectivity.”

The carrier said RB Link product was first conceptualised when it developed the current five year business plan in 2016 that is to have an expanded route network creating value for Brunei Darussalam, RB, Brunei International Airport and guests who are seeking seamless connections.

Linking Borneo to its route network is seen as a significant development for air connectivity within the BIMP-EIGA region and one that will stimulate travel and trade between Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The airline said short-haul flights are best conducted with advanced turbo-prop aircraft such as ATR-72 which has been designed bottom up to suit regional markets while RB Link flights will also support its network development.