Royal Brunei Airlines Nominated for in the 28th World Travel Awards

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Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) has announced that the national carrier has been nominated in three categories for the Asia sub-region of the 28th World Travel Awards, namely; Asia’s Leading Airline, Asia’s Leading Airline – Business Class and Asia’s Leading Cabin Crew.

In 2020, RB emerged as champion for both Asia’s and World’s Leading Cabin Crew – outshining many major leading airlines around the world.

Captain Khalidkhan Haji Asmakhan, RB’s CEO said: “The double win last year for Asia’s Leading Cabin Crew and World’s Leading Cabin crew is definitely one of the proudest achievements – it is indeed a testament that even with global pandemic, we are still able to perform and provide the best of Bruneian hospitality to our guests.

“This year’s nomination also further proves this resilience, I am exceptionally proud of all members of our staff, and extremely grateful to our guests for their continuous support for the airline”

“We shall work together to also reflect His Majesty’s Titah  during His Majesty’s visit to RB in 2020 to ensure that we retain the winning title in many years to come.

“Therefore, we would like to invite our guests, business and trade partners, media, family, friends and fans of RB to show support towards the national carrier by taking their time to vote.”