Ryanair has grounded three Boeing 737 planes due to cracks

posted on 6th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Ryanair has grounded three Boeing 737 planes due to cracks

Ryanair has been forced to ground three of its planes after cracks between the wing and fuselage.

The “pickle fork” cracks, as they are known, have led to as many as 50 planes being grounded since October across the aviation industry.

Two of the Ryanair Boeings have been ferried to California for repair while a third is being stored at Stansted Airport.

The news comes after the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) issued a directive for all Boeing 737 planes above 30,000 flight cycles to be inspected for similar cracks within a week.

“Ryanair has already inspected over 70 of its oldest aircraft in full compliance with the Airworthiness Directive, and our rate of findings is less than the industry wide 5 per cent confirmed by Boeing recently. Boeing are carrying out these repairs on behalf of Ryanair currently.” Stated a Ryanair spokesperson.

Internal Ryanair logs from the three 15 years old grounded planes listed them as having cracks.

Other airlines such as Southwest and Qantas have disclosed that they been affected by the issue.

All three of the grounded Ryanair 737s stopped flying within the week of the authority’s 3 October announcement.

In a U.S. securities filing last week, Boeing acknowledged the possibility that crack inspections could be expanded to even more planes.