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Ryanair Sun chooses Baltic Ground Services at Warsaw Chopin

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Baltic Ground Services (BGS)the only private operator of ground handling services at Chopin Airport in Warsaw (Poland) has signed a contract with Ryanair Sun for operations in the summer of 2019 (May – October).

It includes complete passenger and baggage handling as well as all necessary services.

BGS will start the passenger services on 26 April, 2019. The operator will service about 90 aircraft per month, which can take on board a total of around 17,000 passengers. BGS will employ additional 20 ground handlers to serve the contract.

Baltic Ground Services Polska operations director, Tomasz Tabakiernik said: “I am delighted that we will be able to work with Ryanair Sun. This major airline had a choice between two state-owned companies and BGS, a private operator.

“The company chose us. It is a big responsibility, but I am sure that we will fulfill our tasks excellently since for many years we have had the highest punctuality rates at Chopin Airport.”

BGS Polska said it achieves very high punctuality rates – On-Time Performance. At the Chopin airport, they have been 99.52 per cent in ground handling and 99.97 per cent in refueling last year.

“Thanks to the presence of BGS, the ground handling services at Okęcie are competitive. We are the only private company that is now present at Chopin airport.

“I am convinced that this results in higher quality of services both at our company and in others that serve passengers at this airport. This is a positive effect of competition, also in such a specific place as the airport,” Tabakiernik added.