Ryanair’s new cabin-bag policy is not a hit with customers

posted on 15th January 2018 by yumna
Ryanair's new cabin-bag policy is not a hit with customers

Ryanair is not doing well with its customers happiness levels of late as its change to a cabin-bag policy has caused displease among potential fliers.

The current allowance of baggage on a Ryanair flight is one free bag weighing 10kg no bigger than 55 x 40 x 20cm, plus a smaller bag such as a laptop case.

Only if the passenger pays for priority boarding will the larger case not be removed and placed in the hold however, under the new rule, leaving passengers to wait at baggage reclaim.

The new rule will be set in place today, 15th January. Checked baggage fees have also been cut today.

The new rule has not been received well by customers who regularly fly and do not wish to waste time by waiting near the carousel.

A report be he Independent claims that some passengers feel they are “being held to ransom” by the new rules.

The airline has stated that since the load factor on Ryanair’s flights has increased, it is simply not possible for passengers to include two bags on board.