Samarkand International Airport launches E-Gate passport control system

Following extensive testing, Samarkand International Airport has launched the first E-gate border control system in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The E-gate software and hardware system, developed by an Uzbekistan company under contract with the border troops of  the State Security Service of Uzbekistan, allows safe and uninterrupted processing of arriving passengers.

The automated border control system is based on biometric technologies and provides for automatic identification of the person and allows for a quick and safe border crossing with minimal involvement of border control officers.

Gayrat Nematov, General Director of airport management company Air Marakanda LLC, said: “Air Marakanda provides the most advanced technologies in the new terminal of Samarkand airport that meet international standards, so the implementation of such a project as E-gates is a logical solution for any modern transport facility.

“We are interested in the fact that the latest equipment allows passengers to minimize the time of passing all the necessary procedures.

“In aviation, the most important principles are safety and comfort, and such a project meets these requirements as much as possible.”