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Sanad announces strategic sale transaction with CFM Materials

Sanad Announces Strategic Sale Transaction with CFM Materials, Further Fostering Aviation Industry Collaborations

Sanad, the global aerospace engineering and leasing solutions provider, unveiled a strategic transaction between Sanad and CFM Materials, the world’s largest provider of used serviceable components for CFM International engines, during the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Asia in Hong Kong.

The sale of two CFM56-7B* engines to CFM Materials underscores Sanad’s strategic shift and proactive approach to strengthening its market position in the aviation industry.

Through strategic partnerships with leading aftermarket specialists, Sanad not only reaffirms its commitment but also solidifies its vital role as a key player in shaping the aviation landscape.

This strategic agreement marks a pivotal milestone for the Sanad Leasing division’s ongoing strategy, which was initiated last year with a renewed focus on monetizing existing assets and leveraging the Sanad Leasing division to empower the Sanad MRO division.

The primary goal of this strategy is to drive and bolster the growth of the MRO division of Sanad.

Kashish Kohli, Group Chief Financial Officer and SVP Leasing Division at Sanad, said: “We are pleased to announce the successful sale of two CFM56 engines to CFM Materials.

“This transaction reaffirms our commitment to optimizing our portfolio collaborating with industry leaders like CFM Materials.

“We are eager to explore further synergies between our respective organizations to explore further avenues of cooperation in the future.”

Rudy Bryce, President and CEO of CFM Materials, commented: “This agreement with Sanad strengthens our commitment to support our customers by expanding our lease pool and bolstering our position as a reliable partner to engine owners, operators and CFM56 engine shops around the world.”