SAS reports additional traffic disruptions tomorrow due to pilot strike

posted on 30th April 2019 by Justin Burns

SAS said today that an ongoing strike that has led to delays and cancellations will run into a sixth day tomorrow (1 May) and as a result of the ongoing conflict it has had to cancel additional departures.

The airline said in total, about 47,000 travelers will be affected when SAS cancels 504 departures across Scandinavia on Wednesday 1 May.

In the meantime, SAS said it is doing everything we can to help our travelers affected by the strike and it is striving to reach a solution as quickly as possible to prevent additional inconveniences for travelers. Negotiations between SAS and the pilots’ unions have not yet resumed.

“I am deeply concerned that the pilot strike hasn’t been resolved and that it is continuing to affect our customers. The consequences are serious for all travelers, for society and also for all our employees who are working around the clock to help everyone.

“The demands made by the pilots’ unions entail significant cost increases for SAS that would threaten the company’s long-term competitiveness and consequently, the jobs of all SAS’ employees. SAS has clearly stated that we are prepared to continue negotiating and find a solution. The unions have not yet indicated that they are ready to release their ultimate demands and return to the negotiating table, which means that we remain in a deadlock”, said SAS president and chief executive officer, Rickard Gustafson.

Flights operated by SAS’ partners will not be affected by the strike. Travelers concerned that the strike could impact their travel plans may rebook or cancel their tickets free of charge until 5 May.

The table below shows the impact of the SAS pilot strikes on its flight schedule:

Date Canceled departures No. of passengers
Friday 26 April 673 72,300
Saturday 27 April 329 33,912
Sunday 28 April 587 63,360
Monday 29 April 667 60,813
Tuesday 30 April 546 48,949
Wednesday 1 May 504 47,583