Seeing Machines developing training technology with Alaska Airlines

posted on 3rd October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Seeing Machines developing training technology with Alaska Airlines

Seeing Machines, a company that specialises in computer vision algorithms, announced on Wednesday a collaboration with Alaska Airlines to develop advanced gaze tracking technology and understand how pilots monitor instruments during flights.

The AIM traded company said it intends to develop its non-intrusive crew training system to provide Alaska Airlines pilots and flight instructors with objective, evidence-based data to provide unique insights into instrument scanning behaviour resulting in enhanced situational awareness and improved training outcomes.

“This relationship will offer direct insight into Boeing and Airbus aircraft type flight training operations across a diverse and expanding network and help us leverage our experience to support Alaska Airlines and the aviation industry more broadly.” said Patrick Nolan, general manager of aviation at Seeing Machines.

The Alaska heaquartered airline is the fifth largest air carrier in the United States and flies in some of the world’s most challenging operational environments.

Seeing Machines said the airline has pioneered several advanced aviation technologies, having been first airline in the world to integrate GPS and enhanced ground proximity warning system technology.