SeeTrue and IDSS uses AI to to automate security screening

SeeTrue and IDSS are announcing today their successful integration of IDSS’s Open Architecture DETECT 1000 Checkpoint Computed Tomography (CT) scanner, coupled with SeeTrue’s state-of-the-art innovative AI solution, which brings full automation screening to Aviation Security and other industries.

Almost two years ago, Heathrow Airport and Avinor, endorsed by a wide range of regulators and airport stakeholders, published a paper on open architecture in airport security systems to provide a path forward for new innovative software developers to help defeat terrorism.

Now, this vision is coming to life as IDSS and SeeTrue leveraged the IDSS Open Architecture DICOS interface to quickly develop and integrate technologies to provide superior solutions for airports and passengers. First implementations are planned this summer.

Bringing together CT with AI, enables full automation of the screening process, increasing security detection capabilities, while reducing false reject rates. This innovation provides better business operations and economics for airports and much more satisfied passengers.

While the long awaited post-Covid flight rates are growing fast and projected to grow even faster in the future, and as airports struggle to hire back security personnel, it is time for automation.

Assaf Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder of SeeTrue: “We are proud of this first-of-its-kind integration of SeeTrue’s AI with IDSS.

“Open Architecture is not just a vision but is now a reality, and soon to be the standard in security screening.

“This integration brings airports the option to choose the best of breed algorithms for making the screening process faster, more secure and bring passengers a better service.”

Jeffrey Hamel, CEO and President of IDSS: “The IDSS/SeeTrue integration demonstrates the power of Open Architecture and validates IDSS’s long term investment in this strategy.

“Our ability to quickly and easily incorporate best of breed technologies which extend the capabilities of our detection platform ensures a higher Return on Investment for our customers and long term viability of the screening technology.”