Showcasing BuildPrompt’s AI Vision for Aviation at Heathrow’s Digital Asset Expo

posted on 17th October 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Showcasing BuildPrompt's AI Vision for Aviation at Heathrow's Digital Asset Expo

BuildPrompt, a leading provider of advanced Private Generative AI solutions for companies prioritising data privacy and security, has announced its selection to showcase its vision of Generative AI for the aviation industry’s future at Heathrow’s Digital Asset Expo.

The event demonstrates leading edge technology to Heathrow’s stakeholders and their partners to illustrate how they can use digital assets to design, manage and build for the future of aviation.

Attendees will have an opportunity to experience the capabilities and potential of BuildPrompt, exploring how it can be seamlessly integrated into their organisations.

Harry Yates, BuildPrompt Founder and CEO commented, “As one of only a few companies selected to exhibit at the Expo, BuildPrompt is honoured to present our vision on how to configure the future of AI innovation and infrastructure.

“We will highlight how players in the aviation industry can utilise Generative AI to optimise their business operations, while still complying with stringent data requirements and allying concerns about the potential threats that AI can pose.”

BuildPrompt will be showcasing its state-of-the-art tool which propels organisations into a new era of data management and accessibility.

The solution was developed by leading AI experts and researchers and is being implemented with academia and key stakeholders with high needs for data security and privacy.

BuildPrompt’s AI solution is tailored to the unique needs of the aviation industry.

Its multi[1]language capability allows for more than 50 languages to cross communication barriers, instant responses save crucial time and evidence-based replies allow for the precision and accuracy required in industries such as infrastructure, construction, and engineering.

BuildPrompt’s Box solution is a testament to upholding stringent compliance standards while fostering innovative partnerships in the aviation industry and within all industries that value data privacy, security, and strict compliance.