Siemens to install new baggage systems at Gatwick

posted on 22nd January 2018 by alpha
Siemens to install new baggage systems at Gatwick

A major project to upgrade existing hold baggage lines and install new conveyors at Gatwick Airport has been awarded to Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics. The project to upgrade the main baggage hall at the South Terminal includes the supply and replacement of new baggage conveyors and mechanical equipment and the design and integration of the upgraded baggage control system.

Siemens will also replace nine Standard 2 Explosive Detection System (EDS) screening machines in the South Terminal with Standard 3 European-compliant EDS machines.

Steve McIntegart, Senior Project Manager at London Gatwick South Terminal, said: “Works are now underway by Siemens and completion is expected in early 2019. The new systems will enable London Gatwick to enhance reliability and maintainability with the latest equipment installed throughout the South Terminal main baggage hall.

This will improve the overall performance and efficiency of the baggage handling operations, benefiting both passengers and airlines’.

According to Iain McLeod, Project Manager (Baggage) at London Gatwick, Siemens has successfully demonstrated expertise in this area of the operation as Gatwick continues to ensure the baggage handling infrastructure meets new legal requirements and keeps pace with the increasing demands from future growth of passengers and baggage in some of the busiest areas of the terminal.

Siemens has a proven track record with a global pedigree for the efficient installation, operation and maintenance of baggage handling systems with the technical capability to integrate and improve systems and technology. For logistics expertise and operational support, Siemens combines experience with reliability, foresight and innovation.