SKY express strengthens its fleet by 17%

image credit: SKY Express

SKY Express, a prominent airline in Greece, has announced significant growth in its fleet, boasting 27 aircraft, a 17% increase compared to the previous year.

The airline maintains its reputation for having the newest fleet in Greece, with a commitment to sustainability and modernity.

The expansion of SKY Express’s fleet includes the addition of modern ATR 72-600 type aircraft, with an average age of just 1.6 years.

These aircraft offer crucial flexibility, particularly in servicing regional airports across Greece.

Notably, they contribute to environmental sustainability by consuming 45% less fuel and emitting 45% less CO2 compared to regional jets, aligning with SKY Express’s commitment to eco-friendly travel.

SKY Express has prioritized the renewal of its ATR aircraft fleet, ensuring that passengers traveling to any of its 33 Greek destinations can enjoy the comfort and reliability of brand-new planes.

In April, the company welcomed another ATR 72-600, registered as SX-TFI, further enhancing its operational capabilities.

The airline’s investment in expanding its fleet is particularly beneficial for popular Greek summer destinations such as the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Eastern Aegean, and Ionian Islands.

SKY Express aims to strengthen the domestic tourism sector by offering additional seats, resulting in an increase of up to 11% in capacity for these sought-after destinations.

The improved capabilities of SKY Express’s new fleet not only benefit the airline’s operations but also enhance the overall travel experience for passengers.

By prioritizing sustainability and modernity, SKY Express continues to position itself as a leader in the Greek aviation industry, providing efficient and eco-conscious travel solutions.