Skyscanner Reveals Top Travel Planning Hacks for Indian Travellers’

posted on 11th March 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Skyscanner Reveals Top Travel Planning Hacks for Indian Travellers'

Global travel expert Skyscanner is supporting Indian travellers to get the most out of their holidays this year by planning like pros. The company reveals the average hotel prices and flight fares for Indian travellers’ favourite global destinations, along with how far in advance to book, enabling travellers to make significant savings.

When it comes to booking overseas travel, timing is crucial. Leading global travel company Skyscanner has highlighted this with its latest revelations, around how Indian travellers can find the best prices for their flights and hotels. The traveller-focused company has shared insights that will enable Indians to save substantial sums — provided they book at the right price and time.

Skyscanner’s APAC Travel Trends 2020 Report found that Indians’ three most booked international destinations were Bangkok (Thailand), Dubai (UAE) and London (England). Now, the company’s Plan Like a Pro guide enables customers to make informed choices when it comes to accommodation and travel. Price indices reveal hotel and flight costs, showing travellers precisely what the averages are and when to book in order to make the biggest saving travelling to each of these locations.

Book hotels rooms in Bangkok confidently with the knowledge of average room rates and Skyscanner app tips:

Skyscanner’s data for Bangkok, for example, enables travellers to check their accommodation cost against averages for the entire city. When it comes to Bangkok hotels, travellers using Skyscanner can see at a glance that the average three-star, four-star and five-star rates1 are ₹2,192, ₹2,401 and ₹13,152 respectively. Below average rates for the same classes of hotels are ₹1,409, ₹1,774 and ₹11,116, while at the upper end of the scale they stand at ₹3,027, ₹3,392 and ₹16,335.

Know how far in advance to book flight tickets to the UAE for the best savings:

Indians travelling to the UAE from Mumbai should book 20 weeks in advance if flying to Dubai, which would result in savings of up to 54%, and 23 weeks prior to departure if heading to Abu Dhabi for savings of up to 58%.

Travellers departing from New Delhi could enjoy even greater savings if they book at the right time – which is 23 weeks prior to flying. Travellers to Dubai would then save up to 59% whilst those headed for Abu Dhabi could save up to a whooping 81% in flight fares.

Decide on which airport to arrive at in the English capital:

For those travelling to London, Skyscanner’s data informs travellers of which of the city’s airport to arrive at for a better deal. Travellers landing at London Gatwick from Mumbai and New Delhi would save up to 8% and 10% respectively2, as compared to arriving at London Heathrow.

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