Skyscanner to launch new data solution for airports

posted on 20th October 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Skyscanner to launch new data solution for airports

Leading global travel marketplace Skyscanner has today launched an exclusive new solution within its Travel Insight Vision business intelligence tool aimed at helping airports target route development opportunities.

Developed in collaboration with airport partners, the Catchment Analysis module provides unrivalled insights into the top routes, origins and destinations travellers are searching for based on real-time and forward-looking geo-location data from Skyscanner’s 90+ million monthly users worldwide.

Powerful segmentation analysis provides detailed information about how travellers are being influenced by the availability and costs of flights, and where airports may be leaking passengers to competing airports within a defined catchment area.

This segmentation allows for an in-depth understanding of ‘passenger leakage’ based on factors ranging from overall demand to the day of the week, as well as country, region, state and city catchment areas.

Unlike other solutions that can often rely on census and other third-party data sources, the Catchment Analysis module provides insights based on true user demand.

Michael Docherty, Head of Data Partnerships at Skyscanner commented: “According to our research 63% of travellers consider two or more airports when booking a flight.

“And as aviation continues to bounce back across the globe, the competition between airports to capture travellers’ attention and share of wallet has never been greater.

“Our new Catchment Analysis solution provides actionable intelligence – based on true user demand – to create strong business cases and strategies to beat the competition, open new routes and boost marketing performance.

“We continue to expand the features and functionality of Travel Insight Vision to make it the go to solution for any organisation wanting to understand the latest trends in global aviation.”

Bertrand Coquant, Deputy Director Aviation Development at Groupe ADP, said of Skyscanner’s data: “We’ve found Skyscanner’s search data to be invaluable in providing forward-looking insights into demand at a route level.

“This enables us to make strong business cases to airlines for new route development opportunities.

“We’re continually impressed with the dataset’s global scale and segmentation options.

“It forms a key part of our network planning across Groupe ADP and, importantly, can provide quick, actionable intelligence to help us respond to fast-moving market conditions.”

Travel Insight Vision is the latest offering in Skyscanner’s suite of Travel Insight products for the travel industry, providing a comprehensive view of current aviation market performance, trends and insights.

These products help leading airlines plan routes and optimise revenue management, airports find new opportunities with specific catchment areas, and tourist boards and destination marketers better understand traveller demand.

Travel Insight analyses the behaviour of millions of Skyscanner users to reveal where people are looking to travel in the next 12 months, allowing travel providers and other businesses to rapidly respond to market changes, understand emerging trends and optimise or plan new routes.

For more information and access to Travel Insight Vision, visit Skyscanner’s partner site to request a demo.