Southwest Airlines Celebrates World Kindness Day

posted on 7th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Southwest Airlines Celebrates World Kindness Day

Southwest Airlines Co., in partnership with Leon Logothetis, known as The Kindness Guy, shares a content series created exclusively for the airline that underscores Southwest’s core values of kindness, civility, and following The Golden Rule. This five- part series follows Leon as he travels with Southwest to cities across the country, using his welcoming man-on-the-street style to meet people and learn about their travels. During every encounter, he greets each person with a simple question:

“Where have you been?” This question is central to the theme of the series, inspiring a variety of responses: not only where they have visited, but also who they are, what their story is, and the kindnesses they have experienced in their travels. 

This series is available to Southwest Customers on the airline’s Inflight Entertainment Portal on WiFi enabled flights through 2020. Featured as an exclusive TV Series Channel, “Where have you been?” provides inspiring stories of kindness that travelers have experienced across the globe. Additionally, “Where have you been?” is available on Southwest’s YouTube channel, allowing fans to tune in even before their flight takes off. 

“Southwest Employees practice civility and kindness on a daily basis through their interactions with our Customers and with each other,” said Michelle Agnew, Manager of Brand Partnerships and Entertainment Public Relations for Southwest.

“This new series focuses on those moments of kindness that have made a difference in people’s lives. We’re proud of the partnership we have with Leon, which truly centers on values we each share–following The Golden Rule and treating others with kindness.”

“I am beyond excited to share the ‘Where have you been?’ series that includes amazing stories from my travels,” said Leon Logothetis.

“I’ve found that the more we travel, the more we experience the magic of life, and this series captures moments that have shown me how kind the world can truly be.” 

 In San Jose, Calif., Leon encounters a traveler whose journey has led to a better understanding of humanity. Upon landing in Phoenix, a traveler who has spent time in Costa Rica shares his take on pura vida and living life to the fullest. In Washington, D.C., Leon learns from a traveler who brings his guitar on each adventure, and in Denver, a hiker shares how completing 104 miles of the Colorado Trail restored her faith in humanity.

Leon’s journey closes in Dallas, and as he explores the city, he hears of a man who flew on a whim to Nassau, Bahamas, with a woman and married her on the trip—the two are still married today. These heartfelt conversations reach the core of Leon’s mission to inspire others to leave their comfort zones and to spread kindness in their travels and everyday lives.

Southwest first began a partnership with eternal optimist and passionate adventurer, Leon, in January 2019, through the series, “The Kindness Diaries,” which follows him as he spreads his mission of kindness to unsuspecting strangers along his journey. The series showcases the travels of Leon as he embarks on a journey with no money, no food, no gas, and no place to stay. Each day he puts his trust and his fate in the hands of strangers in order to reaffirm his belief that despite what we see in the news, humans are ultimately kind. For the generosity he receives throughout his journey, he rewards good Samaritans with life-changing gifts, featured in each episode. 

In season two, Leon continues his heartfelt mission to inspire, traveling from Anchorage, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina, in a vintage VW Bug, relying solely on the kindness of strangers, whom he will pay back in unexpected and inspiring ways throughout the series. Given the opportunity to extend our own kindness, Southwest plays a vital role in Leon’s journey, offering to fly him from San Diego, Calif., to San Jose, Costa Rica, via Houston. Leon experiences the Hospitality of Southwest Employees firsthand as he extends his kindness mission across the country.