Southwest Airlines Dispatchers and Facilities Maintenance Technicians Approve Collective Bargaining Agreements

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Southwest Airlines Co. today announced its Dispatchers and Facilities Maintenance Technicians have voted in favor of their new collective bargaining agreements.

“We have now ratified agreements with five of our union-represented workgroups within the past four months,” said Adam Carlisle, Vice President Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines.

“While we are extremely pleased with this progress, we remain steadfastly committed to advancing the negotiations currently underway for four other Southwest workgroups.”

Southwest’s Dispatch Employees Approve New Contract
Southwest’s Dispatch Employees, represented by the Transport Workers Union Local 550 (TWU 550), have voted in favor of their new contract.

“Our Dispatch Employees provide immense value to our organization, and this new collective bargaining agreement will give them industry-competitive pay and several quality of life enhancements, while also adding work rule efficiencies for Southwest,” said Carlisle.

This agreement covers Southwest’s more than 450 Flight Dispatchers, Assistant Dispatchers, Flight Superintendents, Dispatch Specialists, and Dispatch ATC Specialists and becomes amendable June 1, 2027.

Southwest’s Facilities Maintenance Technicians Approve New Contract
Southwest’s Facilities Maintenance Technicians, represented by Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA), have also overwhelmingly voted in favor of a new contract.

“Our Facilities Maintenance Technicians do a great job maintaining our Southwest facilities across the system, and I am pleased we’re able to recognize their work with a new contract that offers pay increases and quality of life enhancements,” said Carlisle.

Southwest’s 50 Facilities Maintenance Technicians maintain, modify, and repair all facilities across its system to provide attractive and functional spaces for Customers and Employees alike. This agreement becomes amendable November 16, 2027.

Since October 2022, five of Southwest’s union-represented workgroups have voted in favor of new collective bargaining agreements—the Appearance Technicians, Customer Service Employees, Flight Instructors, Facilities Maintenance Technicians, and Dispatch Employees.