Southwest Airlines Pilots Association Deny Video Surveillance in Lavatories

posted on 30th October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Southwest Airlines Pilots Association Deny Video Surveillance in Lavatories

The claims made in recent media reports referencing litigation filed by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant regarding the alleged use of cameras to conduct video surveillance in Southwest Airlines lavatories are completely false. 

Southwest Airlines has never placed cameras and never videoed anyone in any lavatory, and the Pilots on Flight 1088 did not video anyone. The incident, which occurred over two years ago, was a poor attempt at humor where the pilot took a selfie video from the chest up, fully clothed, in the lavatory of a completely different airplane months before Flight 1088 and then replayed the exact same selfie video on his iPad when Ms. Steinaker came into the cockpit.

All crewmembers, including the flight attendants, were debriefed on and informed of such by Southwest Airlines after a thorough investigation was conducted by Southwest Airlines that revealed no corroboration of the flight attendant’s allegations.

This was information made available to the flight attendants before litigation was filed and before the President of TWU 556, which represents the flight attendants of Southwest Airlines, tweeted about the lawsuit on Saturday, October 26. 

Additionally, the pilots deny violating any federal regulations. No further comment on these matters will be made at this time.