Strong growth continues at Copenhagen Airport

image credit: Copenhagen Airport

More than 1.8 million travellers passed through Copenhagen Airport in February, representing a 13% year-on-year increase, and the passenger growth looks set to continue in 2024.

Ahead lies spring and a busy Easter, where many people travel for vacation.

February was a busy month at Copenhagen Airport. A total of 1,849,923 passengers passed through the airport during the winter month, which had 29 days as 2024 is a leap year.

This was 13% more passengers than the same month last year.

Peter Krogsgaard, Chief Commercial Officer of Copenhagen Airports A/S says: “The winter months are generally a quieter period, but we are very pleased with the increase in passenger numbers. It shows that the travel boom is continuing.

“A lot of people take the opportunity to get away during the winter break, either to sunny beaches or to snowy mountain pistes.

The two winter break weeks saw some 1.1 million passengers passing through the airport, 79,000 of them on Sunday, 25 February – the busiest day of the month.

As the most popular destination with 124 weekly flights from Copenhagen to Heathrow, Stanstead and Gatwick airports, London clinched the top position with 6% year-on-year passenger growth.

This year Copenhagen expects some 1.5 million passengers to pass through the airport over the Easter holiday, representing an 8 per cent year-on-year increase.

Peter Krogsgaard says: “Springtime means holiday time for many of our travellers.

“The many statutory holidays of the season make this an ideal time for a short trip abroad, and it is clear that the appetite for travel is alive and well, whether it be to sunny southern climes or a scintillating city.

“London is the favourite city break destination, while Spanish destinations Malaga, Barcelona and Gran Canaria are the top sun spots”.