Superb news regarding the Chennai airport has come out now!!

posted on 22nd November 2022 by Gemma Keen
Superb news regarding the Chennai airport has come out now!!

Happy news for the passengers at the Chennai airport!

Two additional Ground Handling Agencies or GHAs have been appointed by AAI or Airport Authority of India at the Chennai airport. Point to be noted is that these additional ground handling agencies have been chosen based on the call of global tender.

The 2 new GHA at the Chennai airport are Celibi Airport Services India Pvt Ltd and Globe Ground India Pvt Ltd. Soon, these 2 new GHAs would be functioning at the Chennai airport.

As per a press release, these 2 new GHA are highly popular in India already and they have been making their presence felt in many cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad etc.

Along with the existing agency, these 2 new GHA would be providing ground handling services to many airlines at the Chennai airport. These 2 new GHAs have got vast experience in handling operations in many airports in India adns are regarded as one of the best.

It is now said that the operational efficiency and the handling capacity at the Chennai airport would be increased soon because the airlines would have 3 options to select from 3 different GHAs instead of  a single one. There would be lots of job opportunities for many skilled persons at the Chennai airport.

Point is that around 4000 manpower would be employed in phases. It is worthy to note that these appointed agencies would start their operations by the end of the month of January in 2023.