Sustainable Aviation responds to launch of £15m SAF competition

posted on 17th March 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Sustainable Aviation responds to launch of £15m SAF competition

Adam Morton responds to yesterdays announcement of the launch of a new competition to support the development of cutting-edge facilities capable of turning everyday waste into jet fuel.

The Green Fuel, Green Skies competition, which is part of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan, will support UK companies as they pioneer new technologies to convert household rubbish, waste wood and excess electricity into sustainable aviation fuel.

Chair of Sustainable Aviation Adam Morton said This funding is a positive step closer to getting a British sustainable aviation fuel industry off the ground. SAF technology is available now, can cut aviation carbon emissions by at least 70% compared with fossil fuels and requires no modifications to existing aircraft or refuelling infrastructure. These new fuels can also be produced throughout the UK, creating tens of thousands of green jobs and generating billions of pounds for our economy in our industrial heartlands.

But if the UK is serious about becoming a world leader in SAF production and supply, the Government must accelerate its support for this nascent industry by complementing this funding with the right policies to support the commercialisation of SAF at scale, as Sustainable Aviation has set out. With a world leading SAF industry, and innovations in electric and hydrogen aircraft, Britain can become a Jet Zero pioneer.”