Swedavia introduces new digital solutions for effective PRM coordination

posted on 13th July 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Swedavia introduces new digital solutions for effective PRM coordination

To create a better passenger experience, Swedavia is enhancing its efforts to coordinate the passenger assistance it provides to persons with reduced mobility (PRM) through its PRM service.

Using digital solutions, assistance services at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport can be better coordinated and provided faster.

Just in time for the intense summer travel period, Swedavia is enhancing its efforts to coordinate PRM service so that the right person is available in the right place when a passenger needs assistance.

A mobile app for effective coordination of services was recently launched at Göteborg Landvetter. The app is already available at Stockholm Arlanda, but a function is now being launched that tracks the position of wheelchairs at the airport in real time, thus enabling Swedavia’s staff to quickly locate an available wheelchair when a passenger needs one.

Along with the new digital tool, the work process has also been improved.

“We work continuously to develop our processes in order to give passengers the best possible experience at our airports, and digitisation and innovation play an important role here,” says Karin Gylin, head of strategic development and innovation at Swedavia.

“A well-functioning PRM service is of the greatest importance to Swedavia since our airports must be accessible and offer a good experience to everyone.”

At Arlanda alone, nearly 100 people work with Swedavia’s PRM service. During peak season, that figure is doubled in order to handle the increased need for this passenger service and cover for staff on holiday leave.

“During a typical summer week, we can have 3,000 passengers who need PRM service, which needs to be coordinated and provided at the right time,” says Fredrik Holgersson, business process owner of the PRM service at Arlanda.

“The new app, which features positioning, will make things much easier both for our staff who use it and for our passengers receiving assistance from Swedavia’s PRM service.

“With this solution, it will be possible to reduce waiting times for people who get help from our PRM service and at the same time improve the workplace environment for employees.”

In addition to the PRM service that Swedavia provides to people with disabilities, Swedavia’s assistance team escorts hundreds of unaccompanied minors each week during peak season.

“One new development this summer is that we now also have a centrally located counter in Terminal 5 at Arlanda where we coordinate the work,” concludes Fredrik Holgersson.

“This ensures that we have a good product for our passengers and airline customers.”