Swedish airport operator Swedavia lays off 125 staff members

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Swedish airport operator Swedavia is laying off 125 employees as a result of an ongoing change and efficiency programme.

The measures it said are aimed at ensuring Swedavia’s cost-effectiveness and long-term competitiveness across its 10 airports including Stockholm Arlanda, Gothenburg and Malmo.

Swedavia president and chief executive officer, Jonas Abrahamsson said: “We are now creating conditions to remain competitive and in order to develop our operations in the long term. In an industry that has narrow margins, we also need to adapt to a changing world with decelerating passenger growth that both we and our customers are facing.”

The layoffs were announced yesterday (15 January) and include jobs in the group’s corporate units as well as at Swedavia’s airports, but mainly in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

“We will work to make it easier for the employees affected to get a new job quickly, in part through a partnership with TRR [a Swedish non-profit foundation that provides expertise to redundant workers,” said Abrahamsson.

Swedavia said negotiations with Swedish trade unions will begin at once. The aim is for the measures to be implemented by the end of June 2019.

“As an airport operator and property developer, we need to be attractive to our customers, both here and now and in the long term. We are now continuing our change journey with a focus on running and developing the most climate-smart airports in the world,” Abrahamsson added.