SWISS launches series of thought-provoking films in new marketing campaign

posted on 13th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
SWISS launches series of thought-provoking films in new marketing campaign

To celebrate the Swiss heritage of paying attention to detail, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS ) is setting loose a number of mildly infuriating films designed to grind the gears of those who share the brand’s detail-oriented mindset.

The eye-catching ads depict a number of seemingly flawless scenarios that all end by drawing to slightly non-perfect outcomes: a cake is being cut in counter-intuitive wedges, a power socket is annoyingly unaligned on the wall, a beautiful tile floor has an excruciatingly broken pattern and color-coded books are placed on a shelf in a deeply unsatisfying way. The imperfections may not be so obvious to inattentive viewers, but they will certainly catch the attention of those with an eye for details.

Beyond giving a wink to the widespread online craze for “mildly infuriating” content, the campaign – “SWISS Celebrates Perfection” – contributes to SWISS’ long-term brand strategy to amplify the heritage of refining and perfecting, which is deeply rooted within the Swiss culture.

”It has always been a part of the SWISS DNA to care about the small things that make a big difference to others. As The Airline of Switzerland, we have made it our mission to pay tribute to our culture. Since we know that we share this mindset with lots of people across the globe, we felt it was time to create something that could scratch that special itch we detail-oriented minds have – but in a playful way,” says Kristina Öström, Director Marketing EMEA at Lufthansa Group.

The ads, comprising of one longer film and several short snippets, will be displayed in social media and digital-out-of-home placements.