Swissport subsidiary Checkport launches matchbox

MatchBox offers time savings during check-in and passenger boarding

Swissport subsidiary Checkport introduces MatchBox, a digital tool for the verification of travel documents during online check-in.

The new tool helps ensure passengers are in possession of the necessary documents before they are issued their boarding passes.

MatchBox will improve departure punctuality and save airlines millions in fines.

Each year, airlines worldwide face over 200 million USD in fines for transporting passengers without valid entry documents, who are then denied entry and cause high repatriation costs.

By preventing inadmissible passengers (INAD) before they even board their flights, MatchBox optimizes the online check-in and boarding processes and enhances overall departure punctuality, saving airlines millions for financial penalties.

Daniel Steffen, CEO of Checkport Switzerland AG says: “MatchBox is a groundbreaking digital solution that leverages technology to ensure compliance with immigration regulations and addresses a challenge the airline industry has battled with for many years.”

“With MatchBox we can help airlines avoid fines and improve their departure punctuality.

“It is a pivotal transformation of online document checking. Our full trust in the MatchBox system is underscored by Checkport’ s commitment to assume 100% of fines resulting from unintended INAD cases.”

Albano da Cunha, Head of Operations at Checkport adds: “Our solution not only prevents INAD violations, but also offers time savings during check-in and passenger boarding.”

“The seamless integration with airlines’ online check-in processes, MatchBox enhances both the passenger experience and operational efficiency.”

Before formally launching MatchBox, Checkport tested the system with several airlines in realistic operational conditions.