TAP receives two new Airbus A330neo aircraft on the same day

posted on 19th February 2020 by Eddie Saunders
TAP receives two new Airbus A330neo aircraft on the same day

TAP has received two more Airbus model A330neo aircraft in Lisbon. The flights delivering the Airbus A330neos CS-TUQ and CS-TUS took off from Toulouse and landed in Lisbon late Friday evening. The Company’s Long Haul fleet now has 19 aircraft of this model, which now provides 70% of the Company’s total Long Haul hours flown.

As the world’s first Airline to operate the Airbus A330neo, TAP has opened the way for a new type of Long Haul travel. The 298-seat Airbus A330neo offers passengers a more comfortable, quieter journey and more advanced technology, including a state-of-the-art on-board entertainment and connectivity system.

  • A radically transformed and technologically advanced fleet
    TAP has invested significantly in renovating and modernising its fleet over the last four years.  The investment has allowed:
  • Renovation of the cabins in existing aircraft by installing new seats and reconfiguring the existing classes to Business Class, an innovative EconomyXtra which is an improved economy class, and the traditional Economy Class;
  • Creation of a new brand – TAP Express – for regional and domestic routes and changing over the Portugália fleet;
  • Renovation of the medium-haul fleet with new-generation Airbus aircraft;
  • Introduction of the Airbus model A321LR, a medium-haul aircraft that can fly intercontinental routes, benefiting from the Lisbon hub location;
  • Renovation of the Long Haul fleet by replacing the older aircraft with state-of-the-art aircraft such as the Airbus A330neo, unleashing a new era with a more modern fleet.Investment in more modern, efficient and comfortable equipment, tailored to the Company’s ambition to offer its Customers the industry’s best product allows TAP to increase its offer and expand to new destinations, boosting its competitiveness.

In 2015, the Portuguese Company expected to have 17 Long-Haul aircraft at the end of 2019, of which eight would be NEO and nine CEO (previous-generation aircraft). However, the North American and Brazilian markets’ attractive growth opportunities, as well as the low efficiency of the old TAP fleet, led the Company to bring forward the new aircraft’s arrival. Currently, the Long-Haul fleet has 19 Airbus A330neo and seven Airbus A330ceo.

With the success of this entire process, TAP has proven itself to be the world’s only company able to replace 70% of its Long-Haul fleet with latest-generation aircraft in just one year.