Tento Applied Sciences and Ink Aviation accelerate digital health verification process

posted on 15th July 2021 by Eddie Saunders

Tento Applied Sciences has established a joint venture with airline technology provider Ink Aviation, to provide a standardised, interoperable and coordinated approach that simplifies and speeds up the health verification process for the airline industry.

Airlines are using the Ink Health platform to securely validate and share the COVID-19 test and vaccination status of passengers and crew prior to travel.

Test results are securely uploaded by authorised clinics and laboratories directly to travellers via a smartphone app, enabling agents to validate test or vaccine records in a matter of seconds. Travellers use a secure QR code to confirm they have the necessary health documentation needed to travel.

The solution prioritises privacy by design as protected health information (PHI) is securely stored and only used for validating the passengers’ health status during their journey.

Steve Azevedo, Chief Operations Officer, Caribbean Airlines, says: “As travel guidelines continue to change, we need tools that are easy to implement and can be managed effortlessly to ensure our operations are optimized.

“We were impressed by Ink Aviation’s solutions and how they can support us through this Covid-19 pandemic.

“The app is user-friendly and will help our customers to confidently prepare for their journeys.

“The coordination of dependable regional and international Covid-19 testing of Caribbean Airlines’ crew was a very challenging undertaking.

“Working with Ink, we were able to streamline the process into a fully managed service.

“We now have a single point of contact instead of multiple lines of communications to individual labs.”

Geoff Bowmaker, CEO of Nauru Airlines, says: “Passenger health and safety is our top priority.

“With Ink Health APIS we can be confident we are only accepting passengers and crew on board who have received trusted negative COVID-19 test results without imposing a lengthy pre-departure process.

“We can also now coordinate our crew’s COVID-19 testing schedules and results via the solution, which makes the process much easier and gives us the confidence that all our staff are safe to fly.”

Mark Shaw, CEO, Tento Applied Sciences, says: “Our joint venture with Ink Aviation delivers¬†a secure and trusted framework to meet the airline industry’s urgent challenges.

“Our technology handles complex processes, supports regulatory compliance and promotes collaboration between all stakeholders.

“We are helping airlines and governments respond effectively to the challenges they face as the travel industry adjusts to living with COVID-19 and beyond.

“The combination of Ink Aviation’s airline industry expertise with our world-class technology gives any airline, airport and immigration department the capability to provide that safety.

“And ultimately, for the individual traveller, it gives them the freedom, confidence and peace of mind to travel safely again.”

Shawn Richards, Founder and CEO, INK Aviation, says: “We are working with Tento Applied Sciences because their suite of digital health solutions creates a medical trust chain that is critical for security and data privacy.

“Ink has been working hard with Caribbean Airlines on workflows that incorporate the Tento Wallet.

“The deployment is a sophisticated one enabled using the back-end APIs of Tento Link, delivering real system-to-system interoperability. In the real world, solutions have to move beyond single-system implementations, and Tento has already done that.”