The future is bright for Aviary as it leaves no stone unturned

posted on 12th July 2018 by Justin Burns
The future is bright for Aviary as it leaves no stone unturned

Egyptian ground handler Aviary says it is starting a new philosophy as it looks to grow its business and further develop operational efficiency.

The aviation services provider is based in Cairo, but works at numerous airports in the country and services include everything from ground handling, safety and security, international chartering and even catering.

Aviary says it adopts a different perspective: “So much has been established, but we still have loads to develop and present to our esteemed customers. Our services are continually tailored to match the needs of customers worldwide. We pride ourselves in understanding how aviation services evolve on a daily basis.”

Aviary says it is airlines “sole reliable work partner to ensure smooth workflow and top-quality aviation services” and its strength stems from founders who have “invaluable” experience in both national and international aviation services.

The company adds: “Their vast knowledge is at the core of our philosophy. Our founders pass it down to managers, who in turn pass it on to highly-trained operation teams. Such expertise forms the backbone of Aviary operation teams’ collaboration with work partners in different national and international airports to streamline operations.

“Last but not least, we work cooperatively with civil aviation authorities to ensure seamless flights for our partner airlines and esteemed clients.”

Aviary says what makes its services outstanding are the “meticulous and strategic planning” and while rigorously adhering to aviation authorities’ standards.

The company adds: “Firstly, our operation teams represent our highly-valued airline partner companies in front of the civil aviation authority and local authorities ensuring that essential permits are provided on-time.

“Secondly, ground handling services are carried out according to the highest standards of safety, security, quality and cost-effectiveness.

“Thirdly, we tend also to the comfort and pleasure of our airline partners and clients, providing them with mouth-watering meals that satisfy their whimsies. Equally important is our concierge services which go beyond airside services.

“Professional, proactive and welcoming teams meet and assist work partners, deal with formal documents, provide a wide range of top-quality vehicles and escort our esteemed clients to their hotels. Our exceptional services are sure to satisfy our clients’ various needs.

“We strive, plan and execute in a continuously-changing and challenging world to meet our partners’ fancies. There are a lot more stones to be turned yet.”