The growing Hahn Air network welcomes 23 new partner airlines in 2023

Hahn Air is looking back on a successful business year 2023. The leading provider of distribution solutions for airlines integrated 23 new carriers into its partner network of more than 350 carriers.

All partners benefit from broadened distribution reach and incremental revenue. By extending availability of their flights in the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) they gain access to 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets can issue flights of Hahn Air’s partners on the Hahn Air HR-169 ticket.

“We are very pleased with this year’s business results,” says Kirsten Rehmann, CEO of Hahn Air.

“It is fantastic to see the travel industry finally recovering with ticket sales reaching almost 2019 levels. Now, we are looking forward to next year which will mark the 25th anniversary of our ticketing business.”

Eleven airlines gain access to additional markets by forming an interline agreement with Hahn Air. As a result, they can sell in markets where they do not participate in local settlement systems (BSPs or ARC), where they do not grant ticketing authority or where they want to offer additional forms of payment.

In addition, they can take advantage of interlining opportunities with the Hahn Air network consisting of more than 350 partner airlines.

Out of the new partners, eleven carriers implemented the solution X1-Air which is provided by Hahn Air’s sister company Hahn Air Technologies, and one partner joined H1-Air provided by Hahn Air Systems.

With both solutions, the partner carriers gain access to all major GDSs with one single contract. X1-Air partners and H1-Air partners gain instant access to all major GDSs, extend their distribution reach to secondary markets. At the same time, they save costs and resources while outsourcing risk and complexity.

The new Hahn Air partners 2023 are:

Available under their own two-letter-code

  • Air Connect (KS), Romania
  • Air Tanzania (TC), Tanzania
  • Air Transat (TS), Canada
  • Air Premia (YP), South Korea
  • Braathens Regional Airlines
  • Geo Sky (D4), Georgia
  • SKYhigh Dominicana (DO), Dominican Republic
  • SpiceJet (SG), India
  • TAAG Angola Airlines (DT), Angola
  • Qanot Sharq (HH), Uzbekistan
  • Zambia Airways (ZN), Zambia


Available under the X1 code in all GDSs (X1-Air)

  • Aerus (ZV), Mexico
  • Air Mediterranean (MV), Greece
  • Arajet (DM), Dominican Republic
  • Cronos Airlines Benin (C9), Benin
  • Drukair (KB), Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Eswatini Air (RN),  Kingdom of Eswatini
  • FitsAir (8D), Sri Lanka
  • FlyCAA (BU), Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Involatus (1IV, operated by Tailwind), Germany
  • Star Peru (2I), Peru
  • ValueJet (VK), Nigeria


Available under the H1 code in all GDSs (H1-Air)

  • Turkmenistan Airlines (T5), Turkmenistan