Traffic development at the Central German airports in 2022

posted on 16th January 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Traffic development at the Central German airports in 2022

2,403,772 passengers in all passed through Dresden and Leipzig/Halle Airports last year.

This represents an increase of 140.1 percent compared to the figure in the previous year, 2021. As a result, passenger numbers more than doubled.

The number of aircraft movements rose by 11.6 percent to 101,022. The number of take-offs and landings at Leipzig/Halle grew by 6.3 percent to a figure of 80,903. 20,119 aircraft movements were recorded at Dresden Airport, 39.6 percent more than in 2021.

“Our airports have been enjoying a significant increase in passenger numbers again since the autumn of 2021 and this makes us optimistic about 2023,” says Götz Ahmelmann, the CEO of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG.

“We still have quite a way to go until we reach the pre-Covid results – but the same applies to the whole sector.

“We’re consistently working to achieve this goal together with our partners in the airline and tourism industry.

“Freight volumes had increased for 16 years in succession at Leipzig/Halle Airport up until 2021.

“The growth rate was about 22 percent between 2019 and 2022 alone. And we believe that there’s clear growth potential for the future too and we’ll be pursuing this goal with great determination.”

Development of passenger traffic at the Central German airports

Dresden Airport registered 841,522 passengers, an increase of 154 percent compared to 2021. The figure rose by 133 percent to 1,562,250 at Leipzig/Halle Airport during the same period.

Volume of air freight at Leipzig/Halle Airport

About 1.51 million tonnes of freight were handled at Leipzig/Halle Airport in 2022. This figure is therefore 5.1 percent lower than the results for the previous year. This development is due to the general economic slowdown registered around the world and the strong restrictions imposed on the Chinese market because of Covid-19.