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Unifor aviation members bring attention to working conditions ahead of busy holiday travel season

Unifor members in the aviation sector are rallying at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Dec. 18 as a Day of Action for better working and travelling conditions.

Low wages, unpredictable hours, multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet and harassment are just a few of the issues faced by thousands of air transport workers at airports across the country.

These issues are wreaking havoc across the industry causing a worker attraction and retention crisis that industry and government refuse to properly address.

Unifor is shining a spotlight on its Air Transportation Workers’ Charter of Rights, asserting the actions taken by the federal government and airport authorities to solve travel chaos are not enough to solve the root of the problem— inadequate working conditions.

Frontline aviation workers will be distributing leaflets at Pearson International to raise awareness of the Charter and encourage the public to sign the petition to call for government and industry action.