Unite secures OCS recognition agreement at Edinburgh airport

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image credit: Edinburgh airport

Unite, Scotland’s aviation trade union, today (3 June) announced it has secured a recognition agreement for workers employed by OCS based at Edinburgh airport.

Around 130 OCS workers will now benefit from collective trade union bargaining rights when it comes to pay, terms and conditions.

The recognition agreement with the OCS Group covers workers who aid passengers with reduced mobility issues including assisting with wheelchairs and ambilift vehicles for travellers at the airport.

Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary said: “OCS workers now have Unite fully in their corner in the fight to improve their workplace and increase pay.

“This recognition agreement demonstrates how Unite can successfully negotiate for better jobs, pay and conditions for all OCS workers at Edinburgh airport.”

The recognition agreement follows the recent launch of Unite’s ‘Runway to Success’ campaign which focuses on improving the jobs, pay and conditions of all workers based at Scottish airports.

Mary Alexander, Unite Scottish deputy secretary, added: “Unite is delighted to have secured a recognition agreement with OCS at Edinburgh airport.”

“We recently launched our Runway to Success campaign which is designed to improve the pay and conditions of all Scotland’s airport workers beyond the legal minimums. The OCS agreement is another step in that march to success.”