United makes it easier for customers who use wheelchairs to book flights

New digital sizing tool helps customers determine the right aircraft for their wheelchair

United Airlines has launched a new digital tool on its app and that makes it easier for customers who use wheelchairs to find flights that can best accommodate the specific dimensions of their personal mobility device.

The airline also announced that eligible customers may seek a refund of the fare difference if a customer needs to pay more for a flight that can accommodate their wheelchair.

Linda Jojo, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer for United said: “The more we know about a customer’s device, the more likely their experience will be a good one – from booking and check-in to the flight itself.

“These new tools and policies also set our employees up for success, especially those working on the ramp or at the gate.”

Vincenzo Piscopo, Chief Executive Officer and President of United Spinal Association says: “United Spinal Association appreciates this strong first step toward improving the air travel experience for wheelchair users.

“We look forward to continuing our collaboration with United Airlines to ensure that all wheelchair users can book a flight to their next adventure, business meeting, or visit with family or friends on the flight they choose, trusting they will arrive safely with their equipment intact.”

Mike Swinford, Chief Executive Officer of Numotion said: “Numotion is dedicated to supporting the independence of our customers.

“United’s new tool is a fantastic development for wheelchair users.

“By streamlining the flight selection process and ensuring compatibility with specific mobility devices, travelers can focus on enjoying their journeys.

“We’re proud to partner with United to make air travel more accessible and stress-free.”

United Makes It Easier for Customers Who Use Wheelchairs to Book Flights That Can Accommodate Their Personal Device