US DOT proposes four airlines operate new daytime routes to Tokyo-Haneda

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The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has proposed to select four US airlines to provide new daytime service to Tokyo Haneda International Airport as early as summer 2020.

On 25 January, 2019, delegations from the United States and Japan tentatively committed to amending the US-Japan aviation agreement to provide for up to 12 additional daytime opportunities for US – carrier operations at Haneda.

DOT expects that the amendment would enter into force in time to permit the newly available US-carrier services to begin with the start of the 2020 summer traffic season and in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

In February 2019, DOT launched a proceeding to award the new opportunities and invited interested U.S. carriers to apply for allocation of the 12 anticipated newly available daytime Haneda slots.

The DOT’s show cause-order issued today tentatively allocates the 12 available daytime Haneda slots as follows:

  • American Airlines: Dallas/Fort Worth; Los Angeles
  • Delta Air Lines: Seattle; Detroit; Atlanta; Portland, Ore.; Honolulu
  • Hawaiian Airlines: Honolulu
  • United Airlines: Newark, N.J.; Chicago O’Hare; Washington-Dulles; Los Angeles

Prior to 2019, the most recent amendment to the US-Japan aviation agreement was reached in 2016, and provided for five US.carrier daytime Haneda flights, and one US carrier nighttime/early morning Haneda flight.

The existing daytime Haneda opportunities are allocated as follows:  1) one to American for Los Angeles-Haneda service; 2) two to Delta for Los Angeles-Haneda and Minneapolis/St. Paul-Haneda service; 3) one to Hawaiian for Honolulu-Haneda service; and 4) one to United for San Francisco-Haneda service.

The sole nighttime Haneda opportunity is allocated to Hawaiian for service between Haneda and Honolulu (four times per week), and Haneda and Kona, Hawaii (three times per week).