US targets Iranian aviation as it imposes sanctions on carriers

posted on 25th May 2018 by Justin Burns
US targets Iranian aviation as it imposes sanctions on carriers

The US Treasury Department yesterday imposed sanctions on some Iranian and Turkish companies and individuals and a number of aircraft in a move aimed at four Iranian airlines.

Companies were said to provide support and have links to Mahan Air and Meraj Air, the department said in a statement, while it was also targeting a number of their aircraft, and aircraft from Caspian Airlines and Pouya Air.

Iranian carriers were already subjected to sanctions by the US.

The US said the carriers had transported weapons, fighters and money to proxies in Syria and Lebanon and also threatened sanctions against those granting landing rights and providing services to the aircraft.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement: “The facilitators designated by the Treasury today have been procuring parts and providing services for the fleets of sanctioned Iranian airlines, including Mahan Air, Caspian Air, Meraj Air, and Pouya Air.

“In so doing, they extend a lifeline to the IRGC-QF and enable the Iranian regime to transport weapons, fighters, and money to its proxies, including Hizballah, and to prop up the brutal Assad regime.

“Countries and companies around the world should take note of the risks associated with granting landing rights and providing aviation services to the airlines used by Iran to export terrorism throughout the region.

“The deceptive practices these airlines employ to illegally obtain services and US goods is yet another example of the duplicitous ways in which the Iranian regime has operated.”

The sanctions targeting Iran’s aviation industry are the latest in the US’ strategy to hit the country economically. It withdrew from 2015 nuclear accord earlier in May.