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Vallair dismantles A330 for CORAX in Châteauroux, France

Hongkong Airlines Airbus 330

Vallair, the mature aircraft asset specialist, is undertaking a comprehensive teardown of an Airbus 330 airframe on behalf of CORAX, the Danish spare components specialist.

Previously operated by Hongkong Airlines, disassembly of this 23-year-old aircraft is 80% complete and when finished, over 1,500 parts will have been removed as USM.

The Vallair logistics team is processing, listing, and crating all parts for assessment prior to repair and sale by CORAX.

Morten Espenhein, President of CORAX, emphasises: “Realising the value of mature assets relies on fast and efficient disassembly practices that protect each part throughout the inspection and evaluation process.

“Our global customer base enjoys unlimited access to one of the fastest growing aircraft component inventories in the world.

“We have a commitment to innovation and expansion and that means sourcing both narrow and wide body aircraft for teardown and managing the streamlined transition to USM in a cost-effective way.”

Vallair is FAA and EASA approved and has been an integral player in the aircraft teardown and recycling sector for many years.

It is one of the founding members of AFRA (Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association), which has now become the global standard for aircraft disassembly and aircraft materials recycling.

François Biarneix, Operations Director at Vallair MRO in Châteauroux says: “We are recognised as a leading independent provider of teardown services and have an extensive network for sourcing and disposal of assets.

“Our teardown facility in Châteauroux, France, employs skilled and certified mechanics to identify, store and manage parts properly for maximum efficiency and asset value realisation. We work in partnership with parts brokers, investors, lessors and MROs”.