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Vallair sells CFM56-5B engine

Vallair sells CFM56-5B engine

Vallair, the mature asset specialist, has completed the sale of a CFM56-5B3/P engine, (serial number 779740), to an undisclosed customer.

Fresh from performance restoration with full life remaining at -5B3 thrust level, the engine is a perfect candidate for lease across the A320 family of aircraft.

Patrick Leopold, Director of Asset Management at Vallair says: “The demand for this engine type is strong and steadily increasing due to very high engine shop visit demand, current limited engine shop availability, long turnaround times, and labour shortages among other factors.

“This newly overhauled engine, with full operational capability across all thrust levels will be put on lease.”

Vallair ASSETS is currently focused on the acquisition of airframes and aircraft predominantly for teardown which will be managed by their experienced engineers at Vallair’s own specialist facilities in Châteauroux and Montpellier in France.