Verdi strike tomorrow at Frankfurt Airport set to cause significant disruption

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The trade union Verdi has called for an industrial strike by security personnel at Frankfurt Airport between 14:00h. and 20:00h tomorrow (15 January) which is set to lead to considerable amount of disruption to operations.

Lufthansa said passengers who are planning to start their journey from the airport tomorrow should take particular note of the situation. According to the airport operator, the security checks outside the transit area will not be staffed.

Therefore, passengers who are supposed to begin their journey in Frankfurt will not be able to reach their flight during the entire strike period as they will not be able to go through a security check.

Lufthansa member of the executive board for airline resources and operations standards, Detlef Kayser said: “Although all aviation partners agreed that we want to improve the situation for our passengers in 2019, the Verdi union is escalating this collective bargaining dispute disproportionately and to an unacceptable extent.

“This series of strikes can certainly no longer be described as warning strikes. It is also clear that Verdi has no interest in making its contribution to improving Germany as an aviation location. We already have the lowest quality security checks at the highest costs, compared to Europe and other countries around the world.”