Vietravel Airlines Officially Flies First International Route Hanoi

Vietravel Airlines has announced the official launch of its first international route Hanoi – Bangkok which will be open to service by the end of 2022.

The event marks the 2-year milestone in operation of Vietravel Airlines, owned by Vietravel Holdings, the leading tourism service provider in Vietnam.

With the newly available route, Vietravel Airlines hopes to facilitate tourism development and offer customers with more affordable traveling options.

The new round-trip route Hanoi – Bangkok serviced by Vietravel Airlines will have the frequency of one flight per day, departing Noi Bai International Airport at 11:55 AM with a competitive price for such an international route.

Upon embarking, passengers will be delighted by unique aerial experiences, listening to interesting traveling stories, learning about cultures of both countries while getting a glimpse of local cuisine through drink and snacks with local flavors served during the trip.

The first flight on the route was scheduled to take off on December 16th, 2022, flying on the modern A321 aircraft.

With mesmerizing cultures, vibrant city scenes, close geographical distance, and friendly people, Thailand has remained one of the most popular tourism destinations for Vietnamese tourists.

It was estimated that around nearly 375,000 Vietnamese tourists visited the Land of Smiles in 2022, making Thailand among the top 10 foreign destinations of Vietnamese tourists.

With the COVID-19 pandemic largely under control thanks to effective vaccination programs and other preventive measures, tourism is expected to recover strongly in 2022 and beyond as tourists are longing for new adventures after two years long under lockdowns and social distancing.

As a result, demands for traveling from Vietnam to Thailand and vice versa will keep growing.

“Foreseeing rising demands of Vietnamese tourists to go abroad, Vietravel Airlines wishes to extend its aviation services to cross-border transportation, and we have selected Thailand as our first international destination,” expressed President and CEO Vu Duc Bien of Vietravel Airlines.

“The move also suits the airline’s long-term vision of integrating into the international aviation market.

“To ensure a successful service delivery, the company has worked hard to study the market, acquire the necessary resources, and train the staff before making the strategic decision.

“With our participation, Vietravel Airlines hopes to contribute to diversifying Vietnam’s tourism ecosystem, giving customers more choices and better services.”

The launch of the new service highlighted an incredible achievement for Vietravel Airlines, Vietnam’s fifth commercial airline, which has offered over 6,000 domestic flights across major cities in Vietnam since its establishment in 2020. The effort was welcomed by both Vietnam and Thailand’s governments as the two countries reinforced friendly diplomatic relationships.

“Vietravel Airlines’ participation in the route to Thailand is highly appreciated not only by Vietnamese people but also the Thai people who love Vietnam,” said Nikorndej Balankura, the Thai Ambassador to Vietnam.

“From now on, passengers will have another high-quality traveling option to choose from to meet their schedule and budget.

“Vietravel Airlines’ services will certainly help to enhance cultural exchange and tourism development between the two countries.

“It is hoped that in the future, the airline will expand its current network to serve more routes, bringing Vietnam and Thailand closer.”